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Field Work, Summer 2020

After months indoors, I headed out for some field work with my colleagues at NIU, Mel Lenczewski and Josh Schwartz, and graduate student Alyssa Graveline.  We are preparing the site for an experiment that Alyssa is completing for her master’s degree.  Our first day of field work included drilling and installing a well with NIU’s Geoprobe drill rig.  Alyssa took a turn running the drill rig.

Alyssa drilling near Killbuck Creek.

New paper published in Nature Communications, May 2020

My latest paper on mechanisms of induced-seismicity uses the Pohang, Korea 2017 induced earthquake case study to investigate pore pressure increase and Coulomb static stress transfer.  We propose a comprehensive multi-process causal mechanism for injection induced seismicity.  Check it out here.

Trip to the Yucatan Peninsula, January 2020

In January, colleagues from NIU and I traveled with high school students from Illinois Math and Science Academy to the Yucatan Peninsula to learn about water quality and use.  We had a great time checking out cenotes and learning about the hydrogeology.

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AGU 2019 is here!

Come check out my poster on the morning of Wednesday, December 11: Coulomb Static Stress Transfer of the Pohang, South Korea Enhanced Geothermal Injection-Induced Earthquakes; poster T31E-0342

AGU 2019 Poster is ready

Lab Addition

My lab at NIU has a new member: a permeameter!  I’m waiting on some electrical work to get it completely set up, but it’ll be ready soon.


Views from the office:

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Accessibility in the Geosciences

Check out an article written about the accessibility research I’ve worked on in Colorado Arts and Sciences Magazine: Instructors improve the accessibility of geology

IAGD Accessible Field Trip at GSA 2019

I had the opportunity to attend the accessible field trip to Petrified Forest National Park while at GSA 2019.  The trip was a ton of fun with great people in a really awesome location.

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