What’s New

New paper published in Nature Communications

My latest paper on mechanisms of induced-seismicity uses the Pohang, Korea 2017 induced earthquake case study to investigate pore pressure increase and Coulomb static stress transfer.  We propose a comprehensive multi-process causal mechanism for injection induced seismicity.  Check it out here.

Trip to the Yucatan Peninsula, January 2020

In January, colleagues from NIU and I traveled with high school students from Illinois Math and Science Academy to the Yucatan Peninsula to learn about water quality and use.  We had a great time checking out cenotes and learning about the hydrogeology.

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AGU 2019 is here!

Come check out my poster on the morning of Wednesday, December 11: Coulomb Static Stress Transfer of the Pohang, South Korea Enhanced Geothermal Injection-Induced Earthquakes; poster T31E-0342

AGU 2019 Poster is ready

Lab Addition

My lab at NIU has a new member: a permeameter!  I’m waiting on some electrical work to get it completely set up, but it’ll be ready soon.


Views from the office:

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Accessibility in the Geosciences

Check out an article written about the accessibility research I’ve worked on in Colorado Arts and Sciences Magazine: Instructors improve the accessibility of geology

IAGD Accessible Field Trip at GSA 2019

I had the opportunity to attend the accessible field trip to Petrified Forest National Park while at GSA 2019.  The trip was a ton of fun with great people in a really awesome location.

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